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What is it?

We pit members of the UK's emergency services, NHS, social care sector and armed forces (basically, anyone who qualifies for a Blue Light Card) against each other in one of our most popular games - Rob the Bank. The games are heavily discounted.

What do we get if we win?

Bragging rights. And a trophy. But mostly bragging rights.

We're in. What are the rules?

  • Slots are available Monday-Thursday. You will need to book here and use the code BLC21 when checking out.
  • Teams should have 4-6 players. There's a fixed price of £60/team.
  • Every player needs to qualify to hold a Blue Light Card (but doesn't actually need one).
  • Players can only be on 1 team, and each team can only play once (barring an event disrupting the game).
  • Each team needs to represent a single service (Met, LFB, LAS, HMPS, KNT, etc) but can have players from multiple services.
  • Each team should have a name. It can be organisational (so people know who you are) or ridiculous (so people know who you are :)
  • The winning team will be determined by (in order):
    • Whoever gets the most gold
    • Whoever is fastest
    • Whoever makes us laugh the most
    Our decision will be final.
  • Teams need to follow all the normal game rules (check in, wear masks, don't break down doors, etc).

Anything else?

We can be flexible about moving games where needed as long as we have a few hours notice (things happen, after all).
We will withold pictures of teams which have operational reasons to be hidden (some Met units, for example).


Team Representing Time Remaining Bars Clues
The Soloists Met 11:55 85 3